How Do I Connect to Natural Gas

Converting from ‘Oil to Gas’

It does cost to convert your home from oil to gas. Cash incentives from gas companies and grants are available to help but at an average cost of around £2,500 – £3,000, it still is a major financial decision.

Support can include free connection to the network, cash-back incentives, boiler replacement scheme and support for the installation of appliances. Although it depends on personal circumstances support could amount to over £1500 which makes a big contribution to the overall cost. For more information on the financial support available with converting to natural gas see the Energy Grants section.


What’s Involved in Converting to Natural Gas?

Its best to think of moving from oil to gas in two stages – Conversion and Installation

1. Conversion
Conversion is where your home gets connected to the gas network and this is undertaken by Phoenix Natural Gas in the Greater Belfast area, Firmus energy in the area of the ‘Ten Towns’ and SGN Natural Gas in the West Network area. You will also need to select the company to supply your gas.


2. Installation
Installation is where you have a gas plumber install the heating system and appliances in your home.

Before any of these steps take place an energy advisor from PNG, firmus energy of SGN Natural Gas will arrange to call at your home to explain the entire process.

Connecting to Gas

Here is a step by step breakdown of how to switch to natural gas:

Step 1 – Is gas available?

If you want to install natural gas in your home you need to firstly check is gas available where you live.

Use the Power to Switch ‘oil to gas’ calculator to check if gas is available where you live ‘Oil to Gas’ and what gas network you live in (Phoenix Natural Gas or firmus Energy). Or email with details of your address and we can check for you.


Step 2 – Book an Appointment

If gas is available where you live and you want to request an appointment with a Home Energy Expert click home visit. Provide your details and PowertoSwitch will contact the relevant gas company (Phoenix Natural Gas, firmus energy or SGN Natural Gas) in order to arrange the appointment. They will explain fully the benefits, the connection process and costs involved.

Step 3 – Choose a Gas Supplier

This step really only applies in the Phoenix Natural Gas area (Greater Belfast and Larne) as you will have a choice of who supplies your gas – either Firmus energy or SSE Airtricity Gas. Look at the ‘gas comparison’ page for further information on these companies.

In the firmus energy area and West Network area there is currently only one supplier so there is no need to choose. 


Step 4 – Find An Installer

Before you can get connected to the gas supply you first must choose an installer who will do all the work inside your home. You must choose a Gas Safe Registered Installer as they are specially trained on gas appliances.  See

Remember to get several installer quotations as a comparison. Over the next few months Power to Switch plans to list all the registered installers for your area along with customer feedback and reviews which will help people choose.


Step 5 – Request Your Connection

Ready to get connected? Once you have selected a Gas safe installer, you can arrange your connection date with the gas distribution company (Phoenix Natural Gas or Firmus Energy) network. They will arrange to bring the gas to your home and fit the meter.


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