We get a lot of questions about who can switch to gas, how much it costs and whether it’s worth converting so we’ll outline all the information that you need to know on this page.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Although the impact on energy bills will be a key consideration when considering switching to gas there are other reasons people opt for natural gas. These include instant heat and hot water, never running out of oil, or saving space as there is no need for an oil tank in the garden or water cylinder in the hot press. With natural gas you there is no need for a lump payment. A range of payment options (direct debit, on receipt of bill, cash/cheque , Pay as You Go) are all available.

Oil to Gas Conversion Process

To switch to natural gas complete our conversion form and if it’s possible for your address to connect to natural gas we’ll pass your details on to your network provider. They will check if your home can connect to the gas network. They will also explain the benefits of gas, the connection process and any support available.

If you’re ready to switch you can complete our form here or if you need more information keep reading.

Who Can Connect to Gas

More homes can now convert to natural gas than ever before. The natural gas network in Northern Ireland is divided into three network areas which are shown in the map below. In each area a gas network operator is responsible for the pipes and infrastructure that connects your home to natural.

Network Operator


Gas Suppliers
SSE Airtricity
SSE Airtricity

Network Operator
Firmus Energy
Firmus Energy

Gas Suppliers
Firmus Energy
Firmus Energy

Network Operator

Phoenix Natural Gas

Gas Suppliers

Firmus Energy

SSE Airtricity

If you are unsure who your natural gas supplier is, they are detailed on your natural gas bill or on top of your prepayment top-up receipt.

Natural Gas networks in Northern Ireland

Phoenix Natural Gas operates the natural gas network in the Greater Belfast and Larne area. The Greater Belfast (Phoenix Distribution area) covers: south, west, east and north Belfast; Carrickfergus; Newtownabbey; Duncrue and Harbour; Lisburn; Carryduff; Castlereagh; Newtownards; Larne; and North Down

Firmus energy operates the ‘ten towns’ network. This includes Londonderry/Derry, Limavady, Ballymena, Ballymoney, Coleraine, Newry, Craigavon, Antrim, Bainbridge and Armagh – new areas are being added as the network continues to expand.

Evolve operates ‘Gas to the West’ which over the next few years will be bringing natural gas to Coalisland, Cookstown, Dungannon, Magherafelt, Omagh, Enniskillen, Strabane and Derrylin.

Each network operator offers a range of support, such as free connections, to help homes connect to the gas network. See our blog page for information on the offers each company provide

Oil to Gas Conversion Costs

You’ll be able to connect to the gas network free of charge so the only cost will be for a gas boiler which is approximately £2,000 – £5,000 depending on the brand you select.

Oil vs Gas Running Costs

Once installed the cost of gas like oil does fluctuate and if you’d like to get a real time comparison of the cost of oil vs the cost of gas for your home you can use our calculator.

Oil to Gas Grants Available

With an average cost of around £2,500 – £3,000, it still is a major financial decision. For more information on the financial support available with converting to natural gas see our Energy Grants page.

The companies that operate each of the three gas networks in Northern Ireland often have additional offers or incentives to help with the cost of converting to gas. See our blog page for information on the offers each company provides.

Want to find out more about switching to natural gas?

The first step is to speak with an energy advisor. They will check if your home can connect to the gas network. They will also explain the benefits of gas, the connection process and support available. To arrange for an energy advisor to get in touch with you please complete the enquiry form below. Remember the visit is free and you are under no obligation to change to gas.

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How to Switch

Switching is a simple 3 step process and if you have any queries see our Electricity switching FAQs below. 

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There are many different energy suppliers in Northern Ireland and you don’t just have to stick to the same one you’ve always used. They all have their own deals on gas and electricity, so it’s wise to shop around and compare them on price, service offerings and customer services.