Does Energy Efficiency Make A Difference?

The simple answer is yes! Improving the energy efficiency of your home is one of the simplest ways to save energy and reduce bills.

If you are not heating your home efficiently or your home is losing a lot of heat its going to cost you. A typical home could save up to £250-£300 a year by being more energy efficient. And many of the measures are simple to install, you can often get help with the cost and they will continue to keep save you money year after year.

The first step is to understand where your home may be losing heat…this will help you decide on the measures which will have the most impact first. Many measures can be ‘low or no’ cost. And for the measure that can cost money the good news is there are often grants and discounts available which make it an even smarter choice.

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Further Information & Advice on Energy Efficiency


For further advice on energy visit the Bryson Energy website. The Bryson Energy Advice Line also provides impartial energy advice and information on any grants you may be entitled to.

The contact number is 0800 1422 865 or you can email


The Energy Saving Trust provides a range of advice and support for how to save energy in your home and reduce the cost of your energy bills. Visit the Energy Saving Trust  website to view their information for Northern Ireland.

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