Save on your Business Energy costs

For any business, energy is a significant cost that can often be overlooked. When you are busy running your business, it can be time consuming and confusing to figure out whether you are on the best energy plan.

The good news is that by switching through Power to Switch you can save money and know your energy needs are effectively managed – this means you can concentrate on doing what you do best, which is running your business.

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Why compare energy prices for your business?

If your business has been on the same old energy tariff for some time, the chances are you won’t be getting the best deal on the market – and just like with domestic energy, switching tariff or even provider can help to instantly cut costs. All businesses in Ireland, even SMEs and Micro companies, usually consume more electricity and gas than the average home, and so it’s often possible to find a better deal.

How much could I save by switching my business energy?

How much your business could save by switching energy suppliers depends on its size, the number of staff and, ultimately, how much energy you use. On average we can help save businesses 11% off their energy bills – that’s your money directly back into your business Let us help you to compare business energy deals and see how much you can save.

Why Compare Business Electricity and Gas with Power to Switch

If you are a business and are concerned you are paying too much for your gas and electricity bills, then compare energy rates with us today to get the best deal for your business. We help you compares rates from a wide range of suppliers to find you the cheapest energy tariff for your business’s needs, so you can be certain you are receiving the best prices available.

Why is better to use expert help to find a better business energy deal?

As a busy business owner, it’s unlikely you’ll have the time to ring around a range of suppliers for bespoke business gas and electricity quotes. But getting in touch with one of our energy experts is all it takes to find a competitive deal that suits the needs and budget of your business. Business energy tariffs can be difficult to understand and compare. There are different meter types, tariff rates, security deposits, terms and charges to consider. So, if you are not used to the jargon or how business tariffs are structured this can be difficult and time consuming to understand. Our energy specialists deal with these issues’ day in and day out so can quickly cut through the information to make sure you get the very best deal. We will provide a like for like comparison which ensures you do get the BEST deal. Everything is explained: no mystery. Leave it all with us. The analysis, tendering process, procurement, ongoing queries, and renewal process. Free up you and your people to focus on what should really be taking up your time.

How do I choose the best business energy deal?

With our help. We’ll look for available tariffs based on what you’ve told us and on your energy consumption. You can refine the results to make sure you get a supplier and package that really suits you and your business. And the final decision is always with you – we shortlist the top contracts and advise on the very best option for your business. We guide you to the point where you are confident to progress.

Will my business supply be interrupted?

No. We manage all liaison with the supplier, answer any questions, and execute the contract for you. When switching energy suppliers your business will never go without power. Once we have found the right plan for you that you are happy with we make the switch on your behalf. Your energy consultant will coordinate between both old and new suppliers, making sure your new plan begins as the old one finishes. And we don’t deliver and depart. We can continue to monitor, review and evaluate your contract. Then we can do it all again at the renewal stage. We will also support you during the contract terms should you have questions or issues that need to be dealt with.