What Are The Benefits Of Natural Gas Heating?


Although cost will be a key consideration there are many other reasons why people switch to gas:

Gas is Convenient

With natural gas you don’t need to worry about reordering or running out of oil. Its supplied straight to your home so you can remove the oil tank and save space. Also there is no need for water storage so you can get rid of the water tank in the roof space and hot water cylinder in the hot press saving more space.

Its Instant

Instant heat and a constant supply of hot water means there is no need to worry about an immersion heater or running out.

Range of Payment Methods

There is no need for a lump sum payment. You can choose how and when to pay. You can pay quarterly, monthly or Pay as You Go which can help keep track of the gas you use. A range of payment options (direct debit, on receipt of bill, cash/cheque , Paypoint) are all available.

Your Protected

Gas companies are regulated and have to hold a licence to provide you with energy. They must have Codes of Practice and Guaranteed Standards of Service to ensure they provide a good service, deal with your fairly, handle complaints effectively and provide specific services to vulnerable consumers.

Its Efficient

Heating with natural gas is efficient. A new ‘A’ rated natural gas boiler is over 90% efficient compared to around 60% for an older oil boiler over 15 years old.

Its Kinder to the Environment

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel producing fewer harmful emissions. By switching to natural gas you could cut your home’s central heating carbon footprint in half.

Consumers Enjoy It

According to Phoenix Natural Gas over 90% of customers say they experienced the benefits of natural gas immediately and would recommend gas to their friends and family. The Consumer Council also state around 90% of consumers are satisfied with the installation of gas to their home and service received since beginning to use gas.


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