A guide to changing your energy supplier

You may want to change your energy supplier for various reasons, such as to save you money or choose a greener energy option. Regardless of your reason, however, you should know that switching energy suppliers is a straightforward process, particularly when you use Power to Switch.


Step 1


To begin the process, it’s good to have an old energy bill on hand. This will help you to identify which supplier you are currently with and how much energy you use or how much you are spending on electricity or gas.


Step 2


Now, it’s time to actually search for deals with new suppliers. Rather than look at each supplier one at a time you can compare all suppliers, deals and offers available in the market with Power to Switch. Because we have details of all suppliers and all deals you can be sure that you will find the very best deal.



Step 3


Once you have decided which tariff, payment method and energy supplier provides the best deal for you, simply click on the ‘Complete Switch’ option to complete the switching form. This collects some further information to allow Power to Switch to initiate the switch with your new supplier, such as your address, billing details and meter information.

From here, you will have 10 working days “cooling off” period during which time you can change your mind and cancel the switch.


Additionally, at this time your new energy supplier will contact you to confirm your details and confirm the details of your new tariff. You don’t need to contact your existing energy supplier, as your new provider will do that for you.


Step 4


There will roughly be another 2 weeks in addition to the cooling off until your new supplier comes into effect and the process is complete. During this time, you should double check to see if you have any outstanding bills with your old supplier. And remember you will not lose supply because of the switching process.



Step 5


If there are no complications with the process, you will see the switch officially complete with the arrival of your next bill – with the details of your new supplier instead of your old one listed! 


This entire process should take roughly 21 working days, but can obviously take shorter or longer depending on your individual circumstances.


If you want to get started making a switch or even exploring deals available in your area, have a look here at Power to Switch. 


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