What is a Keypad Number (KPN)?

A Keypad Number (KPN) is a 19 digit-long number which is used when buying credit (“top up”) for your electricity metre.

If you have a Pay As You Go meter or switched to a pre-pay deal you will be issued with a Keypad Number. This means that you pay for energy before using it, in the same way that you can add funds to a prepaid travel card or purchase credit for your mobile phone on a PAYG contract. 


You can find your 19 digit Keypad Number on the front of your keypad meter top up card. To purchase credit you can bring the top up card to a Paypoint, Payzone or Post Office outlet. Many suppliers will also allow you to purchase credit online, over the phone or increasingly via an App.


Once you purchase your ‘top-up’ you will be issued with a 20-digit PowerCode. Key in all 20 digits of the code on the keypad and when entered correctly the credit on the meter will be increased by the value of the top-up.


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