‘To Switch or not to Switch…that is the question’

And there is a really simple answer – If you have never switched electricity supplier or tariff you will save money by switching.

Or if it’s been a while since you switched it will pay to check your bills again. Prices may have changed but some suppliers offer an introductory deal when you switch and once this introductory term is over it’s likely you will have been moved to a more expensive rate.

Electricity is electricity – it is the same no matter who your supplier is (in fact all suppliers purchase from the one pool). Your lights won’t shine any brighter or your kettle won’t boil any quicker depending on who your supplier is. The main difference is what you will pay and with six suppliers and a range of offers switching to a better deal can really save you money.



Its may sound obvious but switch to the best deal for you…pick a supplier and tariff which meets your needs – this could be ‘Pay as You Go’ or direct debit. Maybe you prefer to manage your account online or like getting postal bills or fancy an introductory discount or reward. There are a range of tariffs with different rates, payment terms, billing options and incentives so make sure to consider all aspects of the deal.

Power to Switch can make this easy for you – we compare all suppliers, tariffs and deals across Northern Ireland and can get your switch started in no time. It only takes around 3 minutes to compare deals and the average saving we find is £139.

‘On average people who use ‘Power to Switch’ to compare electricity deals find a saving of £139’

Switching is easy, hassle free and you don’t even have to tell your old supplier you are leaving. So check out what you could be saving so you are paying less this winter #LongerEveningsLowerBills #



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