Firmus energy to increase prices in ‘Ten Towns’ for second time this year

Firmus energy have announced a further increase for gas customers in the ‘Ten Towns’ network area. Prices are set to increase from 3rd May by 16.31%

We may be only entering April but this is the second price increase this year in the Ten Towns by Firmus energy – in February they increased prices by 33.57%. It also comes on the back of three separate price increases from firmus energy in 2021 and continues an unwelcome trend of high and rising prices.


What does the price increase mean for customers?


An increase of 16.31% is a further significant price hike for the 59,000 firmus energy customers across the Ten Towns area. This will cause a further rise in bills and mean people will have to pay much more to stay warm.

This increase will see the annual cost for a typical bill pay customer increase by around £211 per year to £1,504. Customers with a prepayment gas meter (PAYG) will see an increase of around £201 per year to £1,432.

The Utility Regualtor has confirmed that when this price change comes into effect gas prices in the ‘ten towns’ network will be 43.5% above the Default Tariff Cap level in GB and 21.1% above the Bord Gais standard tariff in Ireland.


What has been happening to prices over the last 12 months?


This is the second increase of 2022 and comes on the back of three significant increases last year as well.

During 2021, firmus energy, in the ten towns network, increased prices by 17.75% on 1st April, a second increase of 31.15% on 1st October and a final increase of 38.18% on 3rd December.

In total customers have seen prices increase by a staggering 141% since April 2021 increasing bills for customers by over £1,000. And unfortunately for the 59,000 domestic customers in the firmus gas network they will have to find the money for these higher bills as there is no other gas supplier to switch to.

What firmus energy have said…


Firmus energy have stated that the main driver for the price increase is due to rising wholesale costs which are beyond their control and make up a significant part of the final bill paid by each customer.

Niall Martindale, Interim Managing Director of firmus energy, said:

“Energy markets remain at very high levels having been adversely affected by the war in Ukraine.  This has been reflected across the board with increases in the costs of Home Heating Oil, coal, electricity, and gas. Regrettably the sheer scale of the increased costs involved give us no alternative but to pass on to our customers the higher costs we are having to pay for the gas we supply.

“firmus energy is committed to reducing its tariff for all customers as soon as the market crisis subsides and enables us to do so.”


I’m a firmus energy customer…what network am I in?


All this talk of gas networks may get confusing…so a quick recap


Northern Ireland is broken into three separate gas networks – these are the Greater Belfast area, the Ten Towns area and the West network area. Each is distinct and will have different suppliers, cost and tariff options.

The Ten Towns area is owned and manged by firmus energy and includes: Derry/Londonderry, Limavady, Coleraine (including Portstewart and Bushmills), Ballymoney, Ballymena (Broughshane), Antrim (including Ballyclare and Templepatrick), Craigavon (including Portadown and Lurgan), Banbridge, Newry (Warrenpoint), Armagh (Tandragee) and more than 25 other towns and villages in the surrounding area.

Only firmus energy customers in the Ten Towns network are affected by this price increase. Customers in the Greater Belfast network area and in the West network area will not be impacted by this announcement.


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